Monday, October 17, 2016, 6pm to 9pm
Join us for a silent auction of exceptional works by more than 100 American artists to benefit the Hillary Victory Fund
Bidding from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. Lots will be closing at 8 and 8:30 so come early to make your selections!
Opening bids start at 30% of retail price.

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts
529 W 20th St. #6W
New York, NY 10011

$ 40 at pre-registration or the door
Tickets on-line at:

View the work and pre-register (strongly recommended as
space is limited) here at

To make a proxy bid email us at
Proxy bids accepted through Oct 16th, 5pm
Opening bids start at 30% of retail price... all bids are visible to bidders attending event.

We are the same grass roots team that raised $100,000. for the Obama Victory Fund as ArtObama, organizing art auctions in October of 2008 and 2012.

This is one of the most important Presidential races in the history of our country, presenting the stark choice in November between a progressive, highly capable woman, Hillary Clinton, and a hate mongering reality TV buffoon. America’s future is at stake including the balance of the Supreme Court, and we are compelled to try to impact the outcome of this election through our efforts at fundraising and activism for the Hillary Victory Fund.

Please join your fellow art lovers, artists, and Americans in supporting progressive politics and helping to save us from a disastrous Trump presidency. This is a historic opportunity to elect our first woman president.

Let’s do this together!

untitled (metal plate #10)
Yarmouth #2
Sweet Walnut
Flowers 9
Judgement on Janus
The Light (on the table)
untitled #362
NYC 619
Market Cart, Chiang Mai 06
Pennants Over Pienza
Your Turn
Paper Cranes
Immune to Murder
I needed a place to put some things that we weren't allowed to talk about
July 4 2016, Six Miles Out
Drummer's Beat
Thing, Pink
Untitled 062616
Project Room
Infinite Venture
Blue study from a painting form, variation 4
Covers 18 Orange Summer 2016
Conversion of Paulina
Green Legs and Hands
Montefiore Park #3
Metabolic Rift
Study VHS #8
Blue Angel Unfolded
Camp Bedlam
Red Zig Zag
An Intimate Portrait
A Wind Down the Road
Liminal (Lavender)
Untitled Study
The New World
The Hayloft
Back Bay - Riff
Hudson Valley #1
Cloth Napkins in the Fanny Bowl
Chinese Flowers
study for Solidity City
For a Better 21
Sidewalk Shower 1
Drive By #40
Big Cloud
Tell Your Son To Behave
Wait is Loss
Road Map
Transitory Space, Nova Scotia, Canada
Peregrine (shipping container)
Lucy (8-15)
Going Slower
Strange Bargain
Multiverse 21
Cosmologies IV
Staten Island Ferry
Moment #524
Isis (the Goddess)
Word for Word
Elephants for Hillary!!!
July 4th Aglow
Open Book Series: Path of the Courtesan (Vasantesena)
Indigo Blues
Winding Path
Blacks and Whites 1
Fly Through The Cave Of Air
Black Holes
Oona Posing for D.H.

Art Hillary Grass Roots Team:

Hovey Brock
Hugh Crawford
Debra Garcia
Julian Jackson
Rene Lynch
Terry Mainord
Kim Maier
Debra Marcoux
Peg Patterson
Margaret Seiler
Emily Tobey

Thanks to: